Reversible Mask

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Welcome to the new normal, where we are now encouraged to wear a mask in a bank.

Our reversible masks are made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, featuring a nose pinch, large pocket and shoelace ties. Most of our masks have two different sides — one patterned and one solid — so you can change it up, depending on your outfit. For the less adventurous, we have a few solid masks on offer.

  • The preshrunk cotton allows you to machine wash the masks in hot or cold water, as well as dry on cool or warm tumble.
  • For additional protection, you can add a filter or surgical mask to the large pocket at the base of the mask.
  • Each mask comes with a removable pipe cleaner for the nose-pinch area. This is useful for two reasons: It will prevent your glasses from fogging up and it will help secure the mask in place.
  • Finally, the lace tie-ups let the mask hang securely around your neck when you don’t have to wear it, and the ties won’t irritate the back of your ears. We use 44” shoelaces and we will do our best to match the ties to your fabric choice, however, we can't guarantee it will match.

Care instructions:

All masks are made with preshrunk fabric, so washing and drying in warm temperatures is fine. You can, but don’t need to, remove the pipe cleaner or shoelaces while washing.

  • Machine wash on warm
  • Tumble dry on warm
  • Iron (optional)

NOTE: If you have been financially affected by COVID-19, please reach out to us so we can accommodate your needs.